1 Vision:

To be a leading Non Governmental Organisation in Initiating and Managing Rural Developmental Initiatives in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

2. Mission:

- Empowering deprived and disadvantaged rural communities and individuals for their social and economic   development

- Training and capacitating needy individuals, communities and emerging enterprises

- Initiating and supporting Fundraising activities to enhance developmental activities

- Lobbying the Local Municipalities, Provincial Government, National Government and Trans-national

- organisations for financial resources for developmental initiatives

- To continuously seek for potential partners inviable developmental initiative

- To act as a strategic catalyst in Rural development

- Facilitating profitable and sustainable community based projects

3. Values:

- We care deeply about the future of the Rural Communities in Limpopo
- We value integrity and ethics in all we do

- We are committed to the socio-economic advancement of our employees and our communities

- We value the diversity of our communities

4. Philosophy:

Strategic partnerships, socially responsible, ethically engaged and a commitment     
To be informed by the developmental needs of our service beneficiaries at all Times will be our guiding philosoph